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Your business has the same business processes. SolSemUSA offers flexible toolset and you can choose from a list of application modules that are relevant and value-add.
FactoryPRO toolset is highly configurable. SolSemUSA offers custom extensions to suit your business needs.

FactoryPRO application suite provides a number of applications and they are categorized into 5 groups

  1. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  2. Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
  3. Quality Management System (QMS)
  4. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  5. Sales & Operations (S&OP)

PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

FactoryPRO’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has all features required to track life of a product from idea phase to End of Life (EOL). The cradle to grave solution comes with several well integrated modules such as Product Management, Document Management, Change Management, Issue Tracking and Project Management. It is configurable, customizable, easy-to-use, and web-based software which can be accessed by authorized personnel anytime anywhere. ...Tell me more

MOM - Manufacturing Operations Management

FactoryPRO’s MOM has all features required to optimize factory processes and achieve maximum operational efficiency. It comes with several key functionality including work order management, electronic traveler, WIP tracking, route mapping, recipe management, statistical process control (SPC), warehouse, equipment tracking, etc. ...Tell me more

QMS - Quality Management System

FactoryPRO enables companies to go along with QMS through an inbuilt Document Management system (DMS), that provides the ability to create, store, retrieve, revise, share, and archive documents. The QMS enables Quality Policy & Procedures, Audit Management, Design Validations, Reliability, Quality Plan, Supplier Quality, Failure Analysis, CAPA, RMA Process, Feedback Loop, and Customer Satisfaction. The DMS workflows use an approval hierarchy that can be defined for each type of document, and the approval process can be fulfilled by leveraging the workflow. ...Tell me more

SCM - Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is one of the key tasks aimed to develop and run its supply chains in the most effective & efficient ways to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. SCM influences many areas in any company starting from product development, procuring required materials, producing finished goods, and respective logistics to get the required parts to the respective customers. SCM requires a methodical coordination of these activities. All the organizations involved in contributing to make these activities happen make up the supply chain and are “inter-linked” together through physical flows and/or information flows. ...Tell me more

S&OP - Sales & Operations Planning

FactoryPRO’s S&OP provides the ability to calculate Demand Forecast,Supply Planning,Production Capacity,Inventory,Historical Shipments,Sales Forecasts,Customer and Market initiatives based on the historical trends and customer’s existing algorithms. Further, it incorporates Demand & Supply planning considering the current infrastructure of the company. It also provides systematic functionality to complete critical steps in finalizing S&OP such as review and approval by the executive leadership. ...Tell me more



Different modules from FactoryPRO.

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